Unearthly Child

The first episode of Doctor Who.

Dr. Who was first aired on Saturday November 23, 1963. With a low budget, lack of production experience, and mixed emotions about the show, How was it possible?

The Creators Edit

In March 1962 Donald Wilson, the Head of Script Department at BBC Telivision, was asked to have his department' s Survey Group prepare a study on the possibility of the BBC making a new sci-fi series. The report came back reccomending a series having to do with time travel as being an idea worthy of development. Later that year Sydney Newman was brought to the BBC as the new Head of Drama. Newman was a sci-fi fan who had supervised several science-fiction productions in his other jobs. In March 1963, a year after the idea was surveyed, Newman was told that there was a gap in the T.V schedule on Saturday evenings between a sports show and a pop music program. Since adults watched the sports show and teenagers watched the pop music program ideally any program this time slot would appeal to children who had already been used to the time slot. Newman decided that a sci-fi program would be perfect to fill the gap. He began having brainstorming sessions with Donald Wilson and another BBC writer C.E. Webber. Little did these three know that they are the future creators of Dr. Who.

Dr. Who is BornEdit


The very first doctor with his companions.

Wilson and Webber worked hard on formatting the program and it's initial cast of regular characters. Newman came up with the idea of calling the main character "The Doctor" and he came up with calling the show Dr. Who. It was C.E. Webber that came up with the idea of calling the time machine " The TARDIS" which stands for Time And Relative Dimentions In Space. Doctor Who was originally intended to be an educational show since it's audience was mainly going to be children. They wanted the TARDIS to take form of an object from the time period that The Doctor was traveling to. But due to a low budget they couldn't afford to change the TARDIS every episode. A low budget made them have to get rid of good ideas and do a lot of improvising. Although it wasn't necessarly a bad thing that they couldn't change the TARDIS because it is famously known for it's "police box" appearance. 

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